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Our goal is to positively impact our society with projects that improve communities

We are different from shareholders who are in it purely for return on investment, and we seek to transform the communities that made us.

Positively Impact Our Society

Financial investment enables a better future, Technology investment delivers the future today & Human Development shares in the fruits of abundance today & tomorrow.

The prosperity we deliver in financial investment and the enablement of technology must result in better living environment and communities. Africa has one of the worst maintained infrastructure & SIG will be at the forefront of initiating and implementing development that will deliver better living standard, access to education, roads, electricity and other amenities of life through Public-Private partnerships.

Human Development

The Human Development aspect of our business follows the following pattern:


Identifying a Problem

We scan the environment for problems that are occurring in communities hampering development.


Solve the Problem

through innovation we devise ways to solve the problem and implement in partnership with government where such a solution is a publicly consumed good/service.



money is the lifeblood of business therefore we will seek to monetize the solutions we come up with. This will be sought chiefly through government payment.