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How Money Is Made on Social Media

A few days ago I had a post emphasizing ‎that social media is not just a place to be silly and kill time. Many people wanted to understand how money is made on social media or how to get the best out of social media. I will detail how this can be done.  Getting the […]...
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Entrepreneurship, Why Many Don’t Do It

Everywhere in the world governments are trying to encourage their people to create jobs for other people. This solves a huge problem which confronts politicians during their bids for another office term. The job numbers Barack Obama administration put out together with strong Wall Street run could h...
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Do You Know Your Net Worth Today?

Whenever you punch names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Serena Williams, Roman Abramovic, Strive Masiyiwa and Patrice Motsepe or other such influential persons; you will notice on their profile there is an amount shown as “Net Worth” denoted mostly in United States dollars. Have y...
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When Business Follows Politics…Part Two

Growing up in Zimbabwe I knew only one governing party dominating politics. Business on the surface appeared to be an independent economic unit but this proved to be a fallacy. On certain dates like the President’s birthday, newspapers would be full of adverts wishing the President happy birthday,...
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When Business Follows Politics…Part One

In life I have realized nations try to be different from others often making a wreck of their people’s lives. The way in which resources are distributed, processed and shared among the people have shaped nations into greatness or doom. Of particular interest is how most African nations once in...
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SIG Crowd Funding Proposal: FAQs

What is crowd funding? This is a type of business financing whereby many people are given an option to put money into a cause, business or project. Where else is crowd funding implemented? The idea is mostly used in United States of America, is the most prominent crowd funding platfo...
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