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About Us

Savanna Investment Group (SIG) is the brainchild of young Africans coming together, driven by an insatiable desire to change their own lives and those of communities where they stay. Through innovative finance, investments and invention, the company seeks to create, grow and sustain value across the continent.

We seek to bring the nobodies of this world to the feeding trough where hitherto they have been prevented or never got anything meaningful out of it.

The world has been asking same question, “how much is enough”. We believe we will be able to answer the question succinctly with proven solutions.

Our Mission

SIG seeks to make its presence felt in the areas of investment encompassing financial and tangible assets as well as Human Capital Development. We are guided by innovation and through that will provide unparalleled means to affect our world in a positive way.


To be a conduit for empowering our communities, creating and adding value to them through innovative investments. To quicken the pace of much needed growth and development on the African continent, awakening the population to the possibility of creating own value.

Progressive Growth & Development

SIG believes that Africa is home, therefore its growth must be in tandem with progress among the people and communities we operate, in the short to medium term we seek to grow our base by being a player on the financial markets while the long term focus is on tangible investments that will change the lives of the people while giving a return to the shareholders.

SIG Values


We strive for open, honest and fairness in our relationships and maintain highest standards of ethical behaviour at all times.

Customer Focus

We view our customers as partners and in this regard aim to provide a quality service in responding to their needs.


We believe our customers are the reason for our thriving, therefore we will be transparent in our dealings and aim to give them maximum return on their investment.

Continuous Improvement

We believe our environment is continually changing, adaptation will be a continued focus so we can create lasting value for customers.
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